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Manufacturing Facilities

Erythro Pharma offers commercial scale manufacturing at its multi-product, multi-purpose, state-of-the-art, batch-type manufacturing facilities located in two different sites in Hyderabad area, India. With high level of automation, advanced equipment and environmentally compliant processes and systems, Erythro Phrama's sites adhere to the highest quality, safety and sustainability standards.

At our two sites, Erythro Pharma has integrated manufacturing facilities spread over multiple acres. These sites are regularly audited by leading international customers for QA and EHS systems for their products. Our multi-purpose sites are committed to meeting strict health, safety and environmental protection standards. At our sites, we can take products from gram to kilo to ton quantities and efficiently scale up to commercial production.

Erythro Pharma's sites include integrated manufacturing infrastructure such as production plants, administrative buildings, laboratories, pilot plants, warehouse (separate sections for raw materials, quarantine products, and finished goods), power generating equipment, utilities buildings, advanced effluent treatment facilities, maintenance shops, tank farms, etc. Erythro Pharma operates two multipurpose chemical manufacturing plants at its two sites with well over 50 reactors (500L, 1000L, 2000L, & 3000L) and ample space for quick and efficient capacity expansion to meet ever growing demand in our core markets. Our multipurpose manufacturing plants are capable of handling a series of unit operations and performing many types of chemical reactions. Our multipurpose plants consist of highly specialized equipment's to enhance flexibility in production capability.

In the wet section of our plants specialized equipment includes low temperature and high temperature reactors, high pressure reactors, fractional rectification columns, thin film evaporators, etc. Our reactors are comprised of MOC such as MS glass lined, SS, and hastelloy and have a wide range of capacity (10m3 to 35m3) for high flexibility. In the dry section, we have equipment such as conventional dryers, cone dryers, helix dryers, RVPDs, nutsche-dryer combinations, spray dryers, packaging / labeling machines, and others. Our facilities are also capable of handling a variety of chemical reactions such as hydrogenation, phosgenization, Friedel-Crafts alkylation, Grignard reactions, chlorination, fluorination, asymmetric synthesis etc.

Whether we are dealing with a few kilos during product development or handling tons of material for the marketplace - we apply stringent quality and sustainability standards such as GMP and ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 throughout the entire production process. Our optimal production infrastructure ensures new projects are implemented quickly and provides invaluable support as our customers develop and commercialize new products.

We take pride in our operation for continuous improvement of plant and processes which result in a compliant, responsive and reliable delivery of cost-effective advanced APIs and specialty chemical products to our valued customers.

Customers are encouraged to visit our sites to review our fully integrated manufacturing infrastructure.

Process R & D Facilities

Erythro Pharma provides complete infrastructure for supporting the entire product & process development lifecycle at its sites and for achieving optimal scale up to industrial production. These include modern synthesis labs, analytical labs, kilo labs, pilot plants and process safety labs which are equipped with world-class laboratory equipment & instrumentation and managed by highly qualified & dedicated technology and engineering teams.

Warehouse Facilities

Erythro Pharma has 20,000 SFT dedicated facility with electronic inventory monitoring (EIM) system and also has separate raw material staging (solids, liquids packaging materials). Our facility has built separate loading and unloading zones for raw materials & finished goods to avoid any cross contamination and also has monitoring system round the clock security (3 shifts X 8 hrs 24/7).

Effluent Ttreatment Facilities

At Erythro Pharma, we strictly follow an efficient treatment of effluents. We collect and treat effluents according to the established SOPs. Also, we ensure collection of effluents separately according to their characteristics. Plus tanks are in place for neutralization of effluents prior to disposal. Additionally, it has real time monitoring of effluent discharge by the Central Pollution Control Board and CCTV surveillance is in place to ensure proper discharge of effluents. Currently, we are in process of establishing units for multiple evaporations.

New Facilities
  • Synthesis laboratories
  • Analytical development laboratories
  • Kilo laboratories
  • Pilot scale plants
  • Process safety laboratory
  • Pressure labs

We utilize bench scale laboratories, kilo-labs and pilot plants to achieve optimal scale up to industrial production. Our synthesis labs are equipped with a number of workstations and fume hoods, jacketed reactors, automated reactors setups for controlled reactions, distillation setups, with complete online utilities to support a wide range of chemical reactions. Our flexible kilo-lab is our initial platform for scale up. Our piloting facilities enable us to generate new-plant output data and provide flexible services for multi-purpose, small-scale production to meet customer demands for starting materials, advanced intermediates and APIs. Our pilot plants carry out various reactions including high temperature, high pressure, cryogenic, etc. and a variety of unit operations. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified scientists, process and analytical chemists and engineers to manage the facilities round the clock.