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  • Welcome To Erythro Pharma
    Serving global pharmaceutical & speciality and fine chemical industries since 1992
    Erythro Pharma has state-of-the-art manufacturing & process research & development facility.
  • Welcome To Erythro Pharma
    Erythro Pharma supplies high quality, robust advanced intermediates for APIs manufacturing and
    these products are ultimetely supplied to formulation companies across the globe.
  • Welcome To Erythro Pharma
    Erythro Pharma is also a global supplier of various speciality and fine chemicals
    to the chemical manufacturers for numerous applications in variety of categories.
About Us

Erythro Pharma is a well-established, reputed and privately-owned Hyderabad based Indian company, focusing on custom manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and APIs advanced intermediates for pharmaceutical, agro chemical, fine and specialty chemical sectors. We offer fully integrated contract development and manufacturing services from product development to commercial scale. Erythro Pharma makes every product exclusively for a specific customer and does not sell the same product to other customers. We envision being a preferred strategic supplier of value-added services and products to leading pharmaceutical and specialty chemical companies of the world.

Our business thrives on the deep technical strengths established over the last 30+ years in the process development and manufacture of complex APIs advanced intermediates, fine and speciality chemicals.

We deliver high quality APIs & APIs intermediates and speciality chemicals, we follow highest safety standards, we are trustworthy & reliable, and we practise highest integrity in our day to day operations.

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Our Advantage
  • We deliver high quality affordable an advanced APIs intermediates
  • We deliver high quality speciality and fine chemicals in cost effective way
  • We are committed to follow highest safety standards while working
  • We have established deep technical strengths over the last 30+ years
  • We have strongest supply chain network for sourcing of raw materials
  • We maintain strict confidentiality and intellectual property (IP) protection
  • We have proven successful track record of on-time delivery and trustworthy
  • We establish long-term relations with win-win collaborations
  • We practise highest integrity in our day to day operations
Management Team
Flagship Projects
3,5,6-Trichlorosalicyclic acid

One of the key additives in Glow Sticks.

State of the art world's first such process resulted in 50% reduction of price for the client

Manufactured 250 MT over 5 years for JFC Technologies, NJ, USA

DYE 77

Used in tagging of Petro chemicals

Manufactured 10 Tons over 2 years

Supplied to Civentichem, North Carolina, USA


Used to mitigate effects of Jetlag.

Manufactured 10 Tons over 3 years

Supplied to United Therapeutics, Illinois, USA


A Rocket Fuel Supplement.

Manufactured 500 KGs over 2 years

upplied to Renowned Academician, Chicago, USA

The detail is also important, I like to ensure that I always pay attention to detail on anything that I work on
Denial Jhon
With my skill set, knowledge & work ethics I could be a great addition to the team to deliver the best result.
Alan Sears
I always pay attention to detail on anything that I work on to make sure, complete the task successfully.
Alan Sears