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QHSE Policy

Erythro Pharma intends to be acknowledged as Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) industry leader in custom manufacturing of advanced intermediates for APIs and speciality & fine chemicals for a wide variety of chemical products by incorporating global principles of sustainable development, responsible care and quality management throughout its business. Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management and risk assessment fundamentals are integrated in all our business processes.

We identify the health and safety of our employees, contractors and visitors, the satisfaction of our customers, the protection of the environment and the development of the communities in and around our manufacturing plants as integrated key drivers of our business. Our entire organization is oriented towards achieving these goals openly and transparently.

Erythro Pharmas state-of-the-art waste effluent treatment systems such as scrubbers, stripper columns, MEE(s), ATFDs, incinerators, large scale continuous flow-through aerobic biological treatment systems, HTDS plants, etc. enable us to safeguard the environment and minimize the impact on environment.

Management is responsible and accountable for achieving excellence in Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental performance for successful business results.

Erythro Pharma is committed to train all its employees for the appropriate use of its Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management systems, strengthening its management through updating of professional and managerial skills, fostering diversity, emphasizing employee evaluation and motivation and complying with the ethical principles established in its Code of Conduct.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

We deeply care about the community in which we operate and are committed to be an active participant in its betterment across employment & business opportunities, hygiene, sanitation & waste management, skill development, education, agricultural support, women empowerment, health & nutrition, social & cultural support activities and infrastructure development.

Erythro Pharma is an environmentally friendly organization right from inception and it covers over 60% of campus comprised of green cover. Also, rainwater harvesting taken up at multiple locations throughout the plant. We follow very strict effluent discharge policies. Currently, we are in the process of installing a rooftop solar power plant to use solar energy.